Best student paper award at ESSV 2022

Almost eight months ago, I participated in ESSV2022. Not only did my avatar do capoeira during the group photo, but I also won the award for best student paper! I hadn’t posted about it because I wanted to wait for the trophy and prize money to get here, so here it is: my ESSV 2022 best student paper award trophy! Foto It took a bit because of covid delay and on top of that, the apple had quite an odyssey, as there there’s been some delivery problems related to street naming madness. Anyways, I finally got it and I like it a lot! The little pedestal is 3D-printed and the apple, representing SDU’s university logo, is wooden. The paper that won the whole thing was on Perceptual categorization of breath noises in speech pauses can be accessed here or with the poster and stimuli via Publications.

Best student poster award at IAFPA 2022

I have recently been to the summer school on complexity in speech production and perception in Chorin and it was a lot of fun having a chance to talk to people that are doing similar or even completely different things! I think zoom etc. work well for a very purpose-driven exchange but just having a chat with other junior and established researchers is what I have been really lacking. So thanks a lot for the organization and everybody that was there and contributed in their own ways!

The following week, we went on to IAFPA2022 in Prague and had a great time there! I hadn’t known a lot about the fascinating world of forensic phonetics before that but I now know a little more about it. And again, had a lot of great conversations with people there. The organizers also did a wonderful job at planning everything (I mean conference dinner on a boat going up and down the Vltava!?)! I also won best student poster award! What really means the most to me is seeing some people actually caring about what I do so I enjoyed that a lot but the prize was a complete surprise to me, as (not) visible in the picture. I had to run early to catch my train.

So again, wonderful events! Really looking forward to the next ones :) Also, I may have won something else earlier this year but I am waiting for something to happen first before I make an announcement here, so stay tuned.

Some more news for 2022 (and a dog picture)

There’s 2 more soon-to-be-happening conferences that I’ll be at, namely IAFPA2022 and SMC2022:

  • 10-13 July, I will be in Prague at the 30th IAFPA, giving a poster presentation on an experiment did with Jürgen Trouvain and Bernd Möbius on "Speaker discrimination and classification in breath noises by human listeners". A picture of a very cute dog may have been involved to get participants motivated for the task.
  • 24-27 August, I will be in Groningen for the 8th International Conference on Speech Motor Control to present a poster on "Comparison of acoustic parameters of inhalations vs. exhalations with 3D-printed vocal tract models". It's coming from a really cool project that involves Susanne Fuchs, Jürgen Trouvain, Steffen Kürbis, Bernd Möbius, and Peter Birkholz and there is more from that to come, so stay tuned!

Since I got to attend Speech Prosody and a very cool workshop on historical aspects of speech communication research, I am looking forward to more in-person events! It really is a lot different from the online experience.

Finally, since I promised a cute dog: here’s the picture I used for the ‘forensic’ task along with a story that he had been kidnapped and all we have to find him are the kidnappers’ breath noises. Foto His name’s Dude (since he’s a golden doodle) and he’s not really missing. He’s doing great and is a very good boy.

Some acceptance news for 2022

I have some exciting news to share for this year (whose first month is already over apparently): I got accepted to a bunch of interesting things, namely ESSV2022, Speech Prosody, and a summer school on Coping with the complexity in speech production and perception! Chronologically, there are:

  • 2-4 March, I will be in virtual Sønderborg for ESSV2022, giving a poster presentation on 2 experiments I did with Jürgen Trouvain, Beeke Muhlack, and Bernd Möbius on "Perceptual categorization of breath noises in speech pauses".
  • 23-26 May, I will be at the potentially in-person Speech Prosody 2022, presenting a poster on "Optionality and variability of speech pauses in read speech across languages and rates", which I did with Jürgen Trouvain and Bernd Möbius.
  • 4-8 July, I will be at the very summery winter school on complexity in production and perception in Chorin. Very much looking forward to hearing the talks there and talking to many interesting people!

Let’s hope that the events currently planned as in-person events can be held as such!

P&P 2021

This year’s P&P 17 in virtual Frankfurt is over and was a pleasure as usual. Although I’m sure everyone’s pretty tired of online conferences by now (yet some people still haven’t learned what a mute button is), P&P was very enjoyable. They based their infrastructure on last year’s P&P who already did an extremely good job as one of the earlier online conferences. The combination of zoom for talks and for poster presentations is a very good fit for smaller conferences in my opinion.

Personally, I got to see loads of interesting talks & posters and - through my PINTS glasses - it is wonderful to see that other people are working on breathing and/or pauses, too! My poster on “Breath noise perception – a pilot study on airway usage” was very busy (even had to go 20mins overtime) and there were some fruitful discussions and useful suggestions that I need to think about the next days.